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Welcome to hydration heaven! Get ready to experience the ultimate moisturising journey with Organic Shop's range of Moisturisers. It’s not just skincare; it's a luxurious treat for your skin! Quench your skin’s thirst with nourishing goodness. With the silkiest textures, every application is like a spa day for your skin.

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Our fabulous Moisturiser range features solutions for normal, oily and dry skin types - and with our eco-friendly packaging, you can feel good about pampering yourself while caring for the planet. So, indulge in the luxury of hydration with Organic Shop moisturisers and let your skin revel in the bliss of ultimate moisture!

Designed using the best that nature has to offer, our moisturising creams provide protection against environmental aggressors whilst giving your skin the essential nourishment it needs, leaving it hydrated and soft as a plump pillow.

Adding an Organic Shop Moisturiser to your skin care routine can do wonders for your complexion – and with targeted solutions for normal, oily and dry skin you’re sure to find something you need.

Dry Skin

Skin feeling as dry as the Sahara dessert? Try our Apricot & Mango moisturiser, suitable for dry skin.  With a Unique light formula, you get all the moisture your skin needs without the heaviness. Apricot Oil has emollient properties which help to replenish the skin's moisture barrier, preventing water loss and keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day. Mango Oil is a powerful antioxidant and can calm irritated skin by reducing inflammation.

Oily Skin

Don’t struggle with oil and shine alone, our mattifying moisturiser is here to save the day! Our Pumpkin & Honey range is the holy grail when it comes to minimizing the appearance of a shiny complexion. Organic Pumpkin Oil helps to control sebum production whilst also being rich in vitamins that help to maintain good skin barrier function. Honey also works to reduce sebum production and, as a bonus, works as an anti-inflammatory to calm any pesky pimples and angry skin.

Normal Skin

Our Aloe & Avocado moisturiser is super hydrating for all skin types! Aloe Extract is a hydration hero and has calm properties that leave skin feeling soothed. Avocado Oil is rich in vitamins A, D and E which are great in restoring skin barrier health, for skin that bounces back.

So, dive into a river of hydration and emerge with skin that feels as soft and supple as silk – explore the Organic Shop Moisturiser range.